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Chiang Rai Province
Путеводитель по провинции Канчанабури
Канчанабури (กาญจนบุรี) находится в 150 километрах к западу от Бангкока по отличному, живописному шоссе. Несмотря на то, что провинция не имеет выхода к океану, она является популярным направлением для поездок, поскольку в Канчанабури находятся несколько памятников многовековой истории древних цивилизаций, а также природные достопримечательности. Здесь расположены исторические объекты времён Второй мировой войны, в том числе, получивший известность благодаря художественному фильму мост через реку Квай. В провинции образовано целых шесть национальных парков, на территории которых находятся впечатляющие водопады. Пешеходные тропы порадуют поклонников пеших прогулок, а любителей путешествовать с комфортом ждут прогулки на слонах по настоящим джунглям. На границе с Мьянмой есть несколько колоритных селений монов и каренов, которые не оставят равнодушными фотолюбителей, ищущих необычные кадры.

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Где бы вам хотелось остановиться в провинции Канчанабури?
Thongpaphum Sisawat Saiyoke Kancity Danmakhamtia Kwaiyai Kwainoi Kanchanaburi Map
Kanchanaburi City Kanchanaburi City (เมืองกาญจนบุรี)
The main attraction is definitely the internationally famous Bridge on the River Kwai (สะพานข้ามแม่น้ำแคว), the black iron bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese supervision by Allied prisoner-of-war labour as part of the Death Railway linking Thailand with Burma.

The so called Death Railway (ทางรถไฟสายมรณะ), a 415 kms long Burma-Thailand railway was built mainly by prisoner of War, most of whom were Australians, Dutch and British and they had been working steadily southwards from Thanbyuzayat (Burma) to link with other PoW on the Thai side of the railway. The railway line originally ran within 50 meters of the Three Pagodas Pass which marks nowadays the border to Burma as well many raft restaurants and natural sightseeing such as Wat Kao Pun & Cave (วัดถ้ำเขาปูน), where can be found several Hindu and Buddha images in some rooms.
Thongpaphum Amphoe Thong Pha Phum (อำเภอทองผาภูมิ)
There are many attractions in Amphoe Thongpaphum for tourists to visit.

The Hin Dad Hot Spring (น้ำพุร้อนหินดาด), where a hot spring bath in available. Many picturesque waterfalls, such as Pha Tad Waterfall (น้ำตกผาตาด), or the 7 tiered Namtok Pha Sawan (น้ำตกผาสวรรค์) are very popular excursion destinations.

The Vajiralongkorn Dam (เขื่อนวชิราลงกรณ์), with its scenic lake as well as, the Thong Pha Phum National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติทองผาภูมิ) which features many spots of interest including 2 viewpoints which offer a panoramic view of the mountains, Vajiralongkorn Dam and Khao Chang Phueak – the national park's highest peak.
Si Sawat Amphoe Si Sawat (อำเภอศรีสวัสดิ์)
Amphoe Si Sawat has many natural attractions. It is well known for its waterfalls, national parks and the dam. The most popular one is the 7 tiered Erawan Waterfalls (น้ำตกเอราวัณ), located in the Erawan National Park.

As well the Sri Nakarin Dam (เขื่อนศรีนครินทร์), one of the two main electricity producing plants, with its rafts and activities is very famous.

The Chalerm Rattana Kosin National Park houses several caves, such as Tham Than Lod, The Tham Than Lod Noi and the Tham Than Lod Yai which are always very refreshing excursion during the hot months.
Siyoke Amphoe Sai Yok (อำเภอไทรโยค) is located 60 kms from Kanchanaburi town. Mainly consisting of forests and mountains, there are some beautiful waterfalls and a 700 year old historical park to visit. A wide range of accommodations and activities (golf courses) are available.

Among the more popular sightseeing places are Sai Yok Noi Waterfall (น้ำตกไทรโยคน้อย), its landscape is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand where once the Death Railway was passing Sai Yok Noi. Sai Yok Yai Waterfall (น้ำตกไทรโยคใหญ่), Sai Yok Yai Waterfall is part of Sai Yok National Park.

Most popular attraction is the Tiger Temple (วัดเสือ), Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua – which started as a rescue centre for wild tigers. The Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์ความทรงจำช่องเขาขาด), which honors the Allied POWs and Asian conscripts who died while the construction of the Death Railway, is located near the Hellfire Pass in the west of the district.
Dan Makham Tia Amphoe Dan Makham Tia (อำเภอด่านมะขามเตี้ย)
Dan Makham Tia is a district (Amphoe) in the southern part of Kanchanaburi Province, is located about 30 kilometers from Kanchanaburi City.

Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Mueang Kanchanaburi, Tha Muang of Kanchanaburi Province, Chom Bueng and Suan Phueng of Ratchaburi Province.

Dan Makham Tia is amidts mountain range, lush tropical garden and green forests. Dan Makham Tia is suit for adventure, health conscious for rest, relaxation and healthy living.
Kwai Yai Kwai Yai (แควใหญ่)
The Kwai Yai River (แม่น้ำแควใหญ่), also known as the Si Sawat (แม่น้ำศรีสวัสดิ์), is a river in western Thailand. It flows for about 380 kilometres through Sangkhla Buri, Si Sawat, and Mueang Districts of Kanchanaburi Province, where it merges with the Kwai Noi to form the Mae Klong River at Pak Phraek subdistrict.

The famous bridge of the Burma Railway crosses the river at Tha Makham Subdistrict of the Mueang District.

The construction of the bridge is depicted in The Bridge over the River Kwai by Pierre Boulle and in its film adaptation. Up until the 1960s, the River was considered part of the Mae Klong itself.
Kwai Noi Kwai Noi (แควน้อย)
Kwai Noi or The River Kwai, is a river in western Thailand, near but not over the border with Myanmar and merges in Kanchanaburi Kwai Yai River to form the Mae Klong river, which empties into the Gulf of Thailand at Samut Songkhram.

The river is chiefly known from the Pierre Boulle novel and David Lean film The Bridge on the River Kwai, in which Australian, Dutch and British prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese to construct two parallel bridges spanning the river as part of the Burma Railway, also called the Railway of Death, for the many lives lost in its construction.

One bridge was wooden and temporary. The other was made of concrete and steel and still exists. Ironically, the bridges actually spanned the Mae Klong, but as the railway subsequently follows the Khwae Noi Valley, the bridges became famous under the wrong name. In the 1960s, the upper part of the Mae Klong was renamed the Kwai Yai. Vajiralongkorn Dam (formerly named Khao Laem Dam) is a hydroelectric dam on the river.
Популярные отели в Канчанабури
Away Kanchanaburi Dheva Mantra Resort & Spa
... 8935 руб
City, Kwai Yai
A. Muang, Kanchanaburi 71000
River Kwai Jungle Rafts
... 12399 руб
Kwai Noi / Saiyoke
Kanchanaburi 70150
Felix River Kwai Resort
... 7298 руб
City, Kwai Yai
Kanchanaburi 71000
Mida Resort Kanchanaburi
... 5410 руб
Kwai Yai / Lat Ya
Kanchanaburi 71000
U Inchantree Kanchanaburi
... 4972 руб
City, Kwai Yai
Kanchanaburi 71000
Boutique Raft Resort
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Kwai Noi / Saiyoke
Kanchanaburi 71150
30th Mizuno River Kwai Int'l Half Marathon 2011
When: 11 September 2011
Where: River Kwai Village Hotel
This is the oldest road race in Thailand. The out & back course is one of the most scenic in Thailand. It takes runners up a gradual climb to the turn around point. The declining return leg to the finish line will make for a fast second half of the race and most runners normally post a negative split at this race. This course was verified and sanctioned by Association of International Marathons and Road Race (AIMS).  
Rafter and Boat Peole Day
When: 1 - 30 September 2011
Where: Kanchanaburi
River deity worship ceremony according to the local custom; triathalon, waterway cleaning, musical performance. There are 1,525 rafting operators in Kanchanaburi; they are quite well known locally and internationally and are the highlight of the event. A return trip can be made in one day at low cost. The event is held is held at Song Kwai and Rim Nam Rd. in the beginning of November every year.  
Long Boat Racing the End of Buddhist Lent
When: 5 Oct 2011
Where: The Beach in front of Wat Ban Tham, Kanchanaburi
Thevo alms offering at the end of Buddhis lent, long-tail boat racing of 23 and 55 oarsman. In the past, people travelled on long-tail boat to offer saffron robes to the monks at riverine temples and held a boat race in which the winner receive from the temple the donated items as the prizes. A lot of people have taken part in the race, which has been held continuously for over 50 years.  
Bridge over the River Kwai Fair
When: 25 Nov - 6 Dec 2011
Where: River Kwai Bridge, Kanchanaburi
There will be an exhibition held to honor His Majesty the King, a performance re-enacting the time during World War II with light and sound effects, a Kanchaburi Red Cross shop and various performances. Activities at the fair include fireworks display, light and sound presentation of a replica prisons-of-war camp on the opposite bank of the river, historical and archeological exhibition, traditional performances and local product sales. 
Погода и климат
Situated in the west amidst the densely mountainous landscape, Kanchanaburi has pleasant weather and can be visited all year round. There are 3 seasons; warm, rainy and cool seasons. In general, it is pretty warm throughout the year. In rainy season, rains come only a short period of time per day and the sun returns after the rain. Cool season can be chilly during the night.

To make the best out of the blue sky, sunshine and the verdant forest, plan and schedule your holiday in advance. This section provides information on temperature of each month, rainfall, the actual temperature and the best time to visit.
Как добраться
Situated 150 km from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi town can be reached within 2 hours with scenic views along the convenient highways. Bus services are available daily and many times a day. The most popular means of transport seems to be by train which can reach the town within a few hours along the spectacular views along the railway. Steam locomotive is also available if you would like to experience the time back in the past.

Information on the train and timetables, bus information and timetables, train timetables, directions for driving from Bangkok as well as travelling within the city is provided in this section.
The province is abundant with natural resources which become significant tourist destinations of the province, the long history which is dated back in the 4th century and what remains from the war. A home to 7 national parks, Kanchanaburi covers vast area of dense forests where there are several beautiful waterfalls, caves, hot springs and habitats to wild animals. The civilisation of the culture of the community leaves traces where you can visit in archeological sites and cultural centre. There are also a number of temples as well as those influenced by Burmese. Kanchanaburi is known for the death railway that the Japanese used war prisoners to build to connect Thailand and Myanmar during the World War II which has left as tragic and honourable memorial of the war which can be found at the war museum and the cemetery. This section provides you with useful information and guides to attractions in Kanchanaburi.
Национальные парки
Kanchanaburi is a home to 7 national parks namely Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park, Erawan National Park, Khao Laem National Park, Lame Khlong Ngu National Park, Sai Yok National Park, Sri Nakharin National Park and Thong Pha Phum National Park. The diversity of flora and fauna of these national parks is the ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts. Large and small waterfalls lie within. Some of them may need strenuous effort to reach but it is definitely worth the journey. They also provide a host of activities such as trekking, elephant trekking, rafting, bird watching or exploring caves and many more. Accommodations within the parks are provided by National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department. This section features useful information on each national park, attractions within the parks, how to get there and also contact for National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.
Imagine dipping in the refreshing cool water of the waterfall with the backdrop of relaxing and breathtaking views. Kanchanaburi has fantastic option of waterfalls in all sizes from small one with one or two levels to large one of multi-levels. Some are easy to reach and some are situated in the deep forests which require a lovely opportunity to explore the diversity of plants, some walking and climbing.

The waterfalls that are worth visiting in Kanchanaburi are Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall, Erawan Waterfall, Pha Sawan Waterfall, Sai Yok Yai Waterfall, Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, Thung Nang Kruan Waterfall, Dai Chong Thong Waterfall, Kroeng Kra Via Waterfall, Ta Kian Thong Waterfall and Pha Tat Waterfall. Information on these waterfalls is featured in this section.
Активный отдых
Kanchanaburi covers an area of 19,483 sq km with mountain range lying within and around. It is the source of rivers, waterfalls and dams were built for irrigation purpose but also a source of fun activities. The province has rivers running through namely Kwai Yai, Kwai Noi, Phachi and Mae Klong which are the backbone of the residents and provides a multitude of things to do for tourists. On easy days, ones can enjoy freshwater fishing, taking a boat trip along the rivers, star watching or just relaxing and swimming. For more strenuous activities, there is a wide choice such as white water rafting, white water canoeing, and jet skiing. Since it is a home to several national parks, activities in the wild are also popular such as bird watching, trekking, mountain biking, elephant trekking and many more. Check out information on activities in Kanchanaburi with details on where you can find such services including contact numbers.
Поля для гольфа в Канчанабури
Situated in the breathtaking landscape, Kanchanaburi offers golf lovers with a good choice of golf courses ranging from 18 holes, 27 holes and 36 holes. Featuring various designs and challenges, the courses here are well-maintained and in very good condition. There are a wide choice of environments and landscapes for your preference. There are ones that lie next to limestone mountains providing awe-inspiring backdrop or take a challenge of playing across the real river or in valleys with the views of the mountains and their tops in different shapes. All offers accommodations and Club House. Add value to your golf tour with other activities that Kanchanaburi has to offer will make your trip unforgettable.

This section provides information golf courses as well as the map and green fees of each one
Ресторанный гид
If you search for dining with the view, Kanchanaburi has a galore of riverside restaurants for your selection. It is a popular destination for Bangkokian weekenders to dine with family and friends. The restaurants vary from budget to mid-range. The specialty of the province is freshwater fish which is transformed into various delectable Thai-style dishes. Since the province is a major tourist destination, the international food has been added to the variety of cuisine here. For a change from Thai food, there are restaurants offering Italian, English, Japanese, Muslim, vegetarian, Indian or even some wild food.

This section provides a list of restaurants of various cuisines for each area in the Kanchanaburi.